ISO-3834 quality system certification for welding and EN-1090 for metal carpentry metalworking

To improve the quality of our products the Company introduced Factory Process Controls (FPC) in compliance with the current EN1090-1 regulations, implemented by the CPR 305/2011 (Construction Production Regulation) issued by the European Parliament.
Such certification allows our Company to manufacture and market metalworking components to be incorporated into larger civil engineering works. This is an important certification and it adds to the other certification, UNI EN ISO 3834-3, obtained by the Company in 2012. Both these certifications allow the Company to operate in the market of medium-entity welded metalworking with certified requirements and high standards of control and quality.
The company staff is enriched by qualified personnel who perform the welds, carry out NTD controls on welding joints and coordinate welding processes. All these are professional figures certified in compliance with the relevant current regulations (EN ISO 9606-1, EN ISO 9712, EN ISO 14731). This investment determined strengthened company know-how and improved product and service quality to the customers.

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